friends, family, community:
Help us fund our evolution

We've put all of our personal money, our credit, and a great deal of financial support from our immediate families into bringing Champagne Champagne and the building that houses it into reality. In the past, we had looked long and hard at using Crowdsourcing platforms like other restaurants, but decided to go it on our own. It's not easy for us to ask for money, but in order to continue our evolution and provide more services and beautiful selections to you, we need a little financial aid. We started this with a shoestring budget and it's grassroots involvement from you, our community, that will help us break the mold.

 We are asking you: our friends, our family, and our community to help us put together the last little financial bump that we need to give us little more polish and increase our ability to serve you more of the highest quality of product with the highest level of hospitality.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. If you are interested in giving a substantial donation, would consider giving us a loan for a larger sum, or are curious about equity options, please contact us to read our business plan and financial projections.

We love you and we can't wait to take good care of you with beautiful food and beverage!

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what your donations do for you

Surprise Treat on Your First Visit

10% Off of Food for 1 Visit

10% Off of Food for 2 Visits

10% Off of Food for 4 Visits

Dinner with Pairings for 2 or Wine Class Entry for 2
(Classes to be Held on Dates to be Decided by Us, Attendance is with Other Donors)

2 Dinners with Pairings for 2 or 2 Wine Classes Entries for 2
Dinner with Pairings for 4 or Wine Class Entry for 4
(Classes to be Held on Dates to be Decided by Us, Attendance is with Other Donors)

Private Party on Our Hillside
Food & Beverage Selected for Your Group of up to 20
(Redeemable when the Weather gets Nice, To Be Held on a Day of Our Agreement)

Please Reach Out About Private Events in Your Home, A Hillside Buyout, or A Restaurant Wide Buyout

what your donation does for us


Counter to traditional crowdsourcing platforms, we're accepting donations on an open timeline and spending money as it's received. We have a list of priorities that we're working down and as you donate, we spend your donation on the most important items of the moment. We raised 11% of our goal of $15,000 in the first two days and with that we were able to purchase a three-bay sink for behind our bar and our food establishment permit! These generous early donors have everything from complimentary meals to baller hillside parties waiting for them! Join their ranks! We've got delightful things waiting for you!


Glasswasher.....$3000 or $190/month rented
Two-Bay Prep Sink.....$700
6-Tap Draft System.....$500


Table Linen.....$100