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Champagne Champagne


An Irreverent Natural Wine Temple By the Sea



Champagne Champagne is a celebration of the things we love to drink. Every wine, beer, and cider is chosen because it is dynamic, refreshing, and balanced. Every beverage we serve is of the highest quality, is conscientiously and sustainably produced, and presents a great value. Our list is designed to be appealing, engaging, and evocative. We want everything you drink to embody the ideals of balance and drinkability.


We’re still working on the last finishing touches of our kitchen.

Once we’re open, we’ll be starting off with a simpler menu and building into a broader menu as we continue to refine our approach to food.

In its full expression, Champagne Champagne’s menu will be drinking food that highlights the riches of the Salish Sea and the island landscape as well as the offerings of the thriving agricultural community. Its bright fresh flavors are chosen for their affinity to the vibrant wines that populate the wine list. This food is meant to inspire engagement with your surroundings while being at its core, bar food.

A large portion of the menu will focus on seafood through a robust raw bar program (including but not limited to oysters on the half shell and an array of crudos, ceviches, and tartares). It will also have fried food: smelt, oysters, shrimp, and garden vegetables to name a few. A smaller portion of the menu will consist of a rotating offering of shareable composed seasonal plates that illuminate often ignored flora and fauna of the land and the ocean.